Imagine: First kiss (requested by anonymous)

Wesley: The end credits began to roll as you yawned loudly, turning to look at your friend Wesley. ‘’I think I’m going to call it a night, I’m exhausted’’. You pushed yourself up from the soft confines of the sofa and felt Wes’ hand wrap around your wrist. ‘‘Y/N, can I talk to you for a sec?’’ He asked, scratching his head nervously with the other hand. ‘’Sure’’ you replied, confused as to what he would want to discuss at this late hour. You leaned back into the seat and Wesley looked down at his hands before blurting out, ‘‘Y/N I’ve had feelings for you for as long as I can remember and I just can’t hold it in any longer. I want to be with you. I’ve always wanted to be with you’’ He was now staring intently into your eyes, searching for some sign of a reply. ‘’I-I don’t know what to say,’’ you stammered, baffled by his unexpected confession. ‘’You don’t need to say anything,’’ he whispered, his hand now reaching up to your face, tracing the smooth outline of your lips with his thumb. Your lips were now almost touching and you could feel his warm breath against your face. Your eyelids fluttered closed as you felt his lips gently collide with yours. You parted momentarily and Wes chuckled softly and whispered, ‘’you still tired?’’ ‘’Definitely not’’.

Drew: ‘’I had a great time tonight Drew’’ you smiled. You had just been on your second date with Drew and you were now stood together outside your front door, mesmerised by everything about him. His eyes, lips, hair, smile, hands, how you could see the definition in his muscles through the t-shirt he was wearing. ‘’A picture might last longer’’ he chuckled, after you had been staring for quite some time. You felt your cheeks flush a violent shade of red, so turned your head to the floor in embarrassment. You noticed his feet shuffle closer towards you as you began to fumble with the keys held in your hand. Your bodies were almost touching when his hand reached out and pulled gently on your chin so your eyes met with his. ‘’I had a great time too’’ Drew said, moving closer still. Your heart began to beat much faster and harder against your chest as your breath grew heavier and Drew’s lips were right next to yours and before you knew it they were moving in sync with yours, your hands roaming his hair. But all of a sudden, the kiss was broken. Drew grinned widely and winked, turning on his heels and walking down the path. ‘’We should do this again sometime’’ he called, disappearing around the corner.

Keaton: You were lying peacefully on the freshly-cut grass, gazing at the fluffy clouds slowly gliding across the pale blue sky. Keaton lay beside you, his arm shielding his eyes from the bright sun shining down on you both. ‘’Hey look, that one looks like flower!’’ You exclaimed, pointing in the direction of the newly formed shape. Keaton stayed silent and turned his head towards you. You continued to search for new images in the clouds but could feel his eyes on you. ‘’So, erm…’’ he started, but paused when you turned to face him. He propped himself up on his elbow and opened his mouth to speak, but thought better of it again. ‘’Spit it out then!’’ You laughed, pushing his arm playfully. He smiled back nervously and began again. ‘’I think you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met Y/N and I really want to kiss you right now.’’ ‘’Ok’’ you spoke breathlessly. Keaton leaned over you, his hair tickling your face gently. You lifted your head and your lips met, just for a moment, but that moment was magical.


I hope these are okay and that you guys like them! I would really appreciate some feedback and more requests would be great!

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Anonymous asked: Hey! Could you do maybe your first kiss? I wanna know what your writings like :)

Of course! I was going to do something like this anyway so people could see if they like my imagines. and thank you for the request!

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New Emblem3 imagines/oneshots blog!

Hey! I’ve just started this new imagines/oneshots blog for emblem3! Any requests would be greatly appreciated!

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